June 2022
Both Pool have WIFI now-It is Mansker Farms Guest no password needed
Check your Account/Pool Key
To gain access to the amenities your account must be up to date.  You can check your key at the tennis or basketball courts at any time.  If you find an issue, please contact Josh or Ghertner to resolve.  If you have recently moved and the key fobs where left, you will need to register those keys by sending an email to Josharnold123@yahoo.com.  Please note it takes 2 business days for payments to post to your account. 
Yard of the Month
·         We will be having a yard of the month award for June-July-August 
·         Winners will receive a $50 gift card
·         Submit your entries to josharnold123@yahoo.com
·         We will also have a Halloween and Christmas Decorating Awards
Food Truck Friday 
Food truck Friday will be at the clubhouse every Friday for June and July from 5:00-7:00 pm.   Be sure to sign up here for the link https://streetfoodfinder.com/ManskerFarms
Stay informed
Want to know what is happening in the neighborhood?  Here are the best ways to stay up to date:
·         Here is the new Mansker Farms HOA members only Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1540668322956424  We had to create a closed group due to the fact that people that do not live in our community were attending our social events.  The Mansker Farms Neighborhood page was set up and is great for selling items/babysitters etc., but not all members are residents of Mansker Farms so the HOA will be posting to this site
·         Make sure that your e-mail is up to date on your account with Ghertner.  Go to www.ghertner.com to log into your account.  We send out broadcast messages to keep you informed of issues, work being done etc. 
·         Check out our website manskerfarmshoa.com
·         Next door:  https://manskerfarms.nextdoor.com/news_feed/
Amazon Testing Program
Mansker Farms has been selected by Amazon to test out a robot delivery system called Scout.   They are just getting things set up and we will have more information as the service becomes available.  You can check out information here 
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No Events at this time.
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