October  2021
Parking on the Street 
We have had many complaints about people parking on the street.   When cars are parked on the street, it makes it difficult for cars to pass each other or back out of driveways. It also causes blocked views of children that could dart out from behind a car. Buses also have a difficult time maneuvering around multiple cars parked on the streets. It will take a little extra effort maybe to juggle cars around, but for the safety of our neighborhood we appreciate you taking the time to keep your cars parked in your garage or driveway.  We understand that you may have contractors or social events that you will need to park on the street temporarily and you will not be fined for those.   No overnight parking on streets and appreciate if you would keep any cars during the day off the street as well.  
Happening in the Neighborhood:
  • Cookies with Santa Friday November 19th sign ups coming soon 
  • We will be aerating and over seeding along with replacing dead trees around the neighborhood  
Yard/Decor of the Month
  • Congrats to our Halloween Winners 
  • December contest for best decorated for Christmas 
Amenity Use 
There is a lot of trash left on the courts, playgrounds and all around the neighborhood.
We ask that you are diligent in throwing your trash in the cans provided.
We have had some additional speed limit signs installed and are working on some other options as well but bottom line everyone needs to slow down!!!
Mansker Farms Board of Directors
Stay informed
·        Going to post information for Mansker Farms here on the website.  Will use Facebook/Next Door for even reminders etc.  
E-mails:  To get e-mails,- go to www.ghertner.com to log into your account and your e-mail and on the right make sure the box is checked to receive emails. 
·         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manskerfarmshoa
·         Website: https://www.manskerfarmshoa.com
·         Next door:  https://manskerfarms.nextdoor.com/news_feed/
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